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Autonomous Teams

Maximize value delivery with Agile, DevOps and software Architecture

Learning Culture

Encourage experimentation and continuous improvement


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High-trust environment

Feel the Groove

An autonomous team is like a jazz band to me. So, I value rhythm, openness, courage, interaction and trust. It fosters an environment where team-members feel free to come up with new ideas and share potential risks. This allows them to easily adapt to changing circumstances, rapidly deliver value to their customers and have reliable products and services.

Agile, DevOps, Jazz improvisation and Mindfulness inspire me to coach in a creative, spontaneous and intuitive manner. It enables Scrum Teams, Squads, Tribes, Release Trains, Leadership Teams, Communities, Guilds or Chapters to self-organize, do what matters, and learn continuously.

Martijn Meijssen
Digital Organisation Coach (well, and jazz musician)

P.L. Marnettestraat 1-A
1022 KA, Amsterdam
The Netherlands


+31 (0)6 5780 8821